Avalanche+ Education Module

Avalanche+ Education Module

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The rose, a flower considered by many to be the most beautiful of all flowers, loved for both its shape, color and especially its beauty. Roses have been cultivated for their beauty and fragrance for thousands of years, and in ancient times this happened already in China and Africa, by Greeks, Romans and Egyptians.

In the Netherlands, the cultivation of roses has been documented from the second half of the sixteenth century. There is written material about the export of roses to England; according to a French travelogue they were grown in the formal gardens of the palaces built by the Oranges in the seventeenth century

In this Online Module we take you into the world of perhaps the queen of the roses, the rose Avalanche+® how did it originate, how is the breeding process, selection, harvesting, but also how best to use the rose in your daily creations in the flower shop.

We wish you a lot of fun and inspiration with this module, good luck!